About City Trucks

City Truck offers a wholistic approach to the safety of heavy vehicles in a complex urban environment.

City Truck passionately believes in providing solutions that are the best they can be.

Our solutions are for the real world and can be retrospectively installed.

City Truck solutions, when introduced on today's vehicles can make a real difference to vulnerable road user safety, in a timescale unimaginable where the model is to encourage the uptake of low entry cabs often completely impractical for their primary purpose.

City Truck leads the way with a comprehensive and highly innovative approach. We dramatically improve driver direct and indirect vision, we amplify the drivers intentions to the outside world, we introduce standardised and tested post OEM installations, and we introduce a single point non OEM interaction point for the driver.


At City Truck our solutions are based on giving the driver the best possible direct and indirect vision.

Our direct vision is based around radical N/S door modifications, we open provide a clear view by making the vision the best it can be, a port hole is not good enough for us. We install a tipping passenger seat, to enhance the drivers view when no passenger is travelling.

We introduce external downlighting when the N/S indicator is activated, we provide wash wipe to the N/S door as well as heating elements.

Indirect vision is provided for the driver by a single large uncluttered multi use screen, showing a view of the N/S, all the time the vehicle is in forward motion. VRU sensors are provided to the N/S and front, they are individually highlighted, giving the driver the maximum reaction time.  

All other non OEM functions can be imported, Weighing, telematics etc.


At City Truck we ensure that Vulnerable Road Users and other travellers are in no doubt of the truck drivers intensions. We enhance the N/S signalling, and provide clear signage.


City Truck systems are provided as a kit with strict installation instructions and approvals. Censor positions are tested and optimised. Screen positions are optimised and specific to the cab concerned. Drivers must be confident the installations will be consistent.


At City Truck, we believe this is the "Elephant in the Room". The best way to limit road accidents is to better optimise truck use. In short to ensure that the trucks on the road are carrying the maximum amount possible. The average load carried by a steel 8x4 tipper in London is 19 tonnes. With good design, we can reintroduce 20 tonne payloads on the lighter Chassis. We can cut the journeys of steel tippers by 5%. PAYLOAD optimisation is a win win, tippers are one example, there are many others.

City Truck offers a full truck specification service, offering body builders and operators the safest possible truck with the maximum possible load.


e:   dick.woods@autodandd.com
m: 07715 961 090

e:   russellades@ccplc.co.uk
m: 07860 659 751